Friday, February 5, 2010

The Descent

So, here I am. I´m 16 years old in Spain. As of yesterday I have officially been here for 5 months, that means I´m on the count back down. Today I gor a box from my parents filled with all of the snacks I love, Kit-Kat, Pistachios, our secret recipe of home made chex-mix (I´m wondering if the other side of the Call family know this....) I got the box for Valentine´s day but I´m considering it a half-way mark gift. So I know I said, that I´m starting the count down.......that doesn´t mean I WANT TO GO HOME! just that at the moment I think I will be ready when the time comes. However, each day I´m here the less I feel like going home, at first It was horrible thinking I had 10 months to go, now I got 5 months to go.....I know how long that is, and I can handle it. But, I know that in a few months time I won´t want to leave. I started here with what I knew of the world, and of myself. Somewhere through the months all the foundations I had we slowly taken apart in some places then re-built upon. A few months ago I was hating life here, now it´s different. I can now voice my opinions and talk back to the philosophy teacher when he marks off points cause I didn´t put a margine on my paper (here they use plain white printing paper FOR EVERYTHING, so I´m not used to putting margines on my papers, because in the U.S. they are already there). I do consider myself fluent, I can understand Portugese and Italian well enough, and I can read French pretty good. I now know both Cordoba and Huelva like the back of my hand, Huelva a little bit more (like the back of my right hand). Sometimes when I´m in the city people ask me for directions, first time that happened, It was months ago, luckily I was standing right next to the store the guy wanted to find and I didn´t have to say anything. Now it´s different and I can give people directions almost anywhere. In 2 weeks some Germans will be coming down to Huelva for a week (and they speak better english than spanish) so that will be fun. Once they leave I will be headed to Barcelona for a week, then the following weekend after the Barcelona trip I will be going to Granada for a snowboarding trip. So I´m looking forward to the weeks that come. The other day I had my first salsa lesson (in P.E.) it least I was better than some of the spanish boys. I´m doing pretty well with my guitar, (I bought a guitar) I can play Your Beautiful by James Blunt (very easy) and I can play Angel by Jack Johnson, at the moment I´m working on Do You Remember, and Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson, also I´m thinking about learning Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which would be fun to learn, since my uekalailey playing Texan friend can play it. So I will try to write again after the Barcelona trip, or if I forget after my snowboarding trip, but I will write again, so stay tuned, good night......and good luck.