Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Por fin al fin.

So here I am. My last day in Spain. All in all it has been a rough year, with some grand ups and some grand downs. I have spent some of the best days of my life here, and some of the worst days of my life here. At first it was hard, but I always had hop├Ęs it would improve as my Spanish got better. Sadly I sort of sabotaged my existence here. I didn´t try hard enough in the beginning because my Spanish was so bad, and it cost me in the end. The other exchange students kept me going. However now, within the last month and a half I have developed some great Spanish friends. The problem is that now I am in their group, I am leaving. It will be bittersweet, but so are a lot of things in life and I truely think it will be more sweeter than bitter. I am looking forward to the new adventures to come. All in all, I have learned a lot this year, things that I couldn´t even describe and things that I couldn´t put a price tag on. I have become very aware of myself and who I am. I am Nathan O´Neal, I am 16, I have been a cub scout, I have won the pinewood derby, I have broken bones, I have broken hearts (and probably some more to come), I have climbed Half-Dome, I have been halfway around the world, I have been in 6 countries, and become fluent in Spanish. For me I think sometimes, that mentally I am older than 16, but the truth is I can never truely know that until I am older, and the best thing is that I am only 16, for me life, the world, is just beginning. I am about to embark on another adventure, the trip home. I am not sure what will be in store for me, but I am looking forward to it. For I know that no matter what comes my way, after living this year, I know i can handle it. I wanted to thank you all for your support, I am really thankful for it. So I guess for me this is goodbye, perhaps one day we shall meet face to face, and I hope some day we do. Thank you so much.

Until another,