Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ok, so it´s been over month. Sorry about that. So during the holidays my family and I went to Cordoba for the entire 3 weeks. For Christmas Eve we had a big lunch (that´s the main meal here) with my host father´s brother´s family and it was all seafood, prawns, shrimp, crab legs, some stuff I don´t know how to say in English, and Spanish Champagne. Christmas was pretty much the same but with champagne from Southern Spain., but we did open presents in the morning (FROM MY REAL FAMILY) and then the day went on from there. The day after Christmas was exactly the same but with French Champagne. Then between there and New Year´s it was pretty normal, except for one night when we went to hang out with my host mom´s cousins (about 10 of them and their families). We hung out at someone´s house had some food, played trivial persuit and had some more champagne (I hope I´m spelling that word right). One of her cousin´s showed up late and greeted everyone. He got to me and said ´´I don´t remember you, but I know I´ve seen you.´´ The entire room exploded with laughter with everyone yelling ´´That´s impossible!´´ So that was pretty funny. On New Year´s Eve we had some more seafood, and stayed up till midnight, then the last 15 seconds of the year, the clocks start to go ding-dong, ding-dong for every second. When they get to 12 seconds you have to start eating grapes and finish them all before the new year (supposivley good luck), it was a little silly (some people even skinned their grapes and carved out the seeds to make it easier. I said that was part of the luck and just ate mine whole. Then on the 6th of January the Three Kings came and brought us presents, it was very different then what I was used to with Christmas but that´s why I´m here, for new experiences. So during the holidays I bought myself a guitar, started reading the Twilight series (man points just dropped), and went to see Avatar in 3D and normally (which I loved). I now understand everything, can think pretty fluently, and talk pretty fluently, (I even dream in Spanish sometimes). Now that my Spanish is better I realize the mistakes I made in the past. The first day here a girl asked me, if your from Spain your called a spaniard, if you are from chicago then what are you called? I responded with Nathan because I couldn´t understand a thing besides the last few words which were como se llama which is very close to what is your name? (como te llamas). I have made many others that I can´t think of at the moment, and one that was horrible but I would have to use some harsh profanity to transalate it, so I won´t do that. I will attempt to blog more often, sorry for the long waits, Happy New Year everybody.